CBD Nutrition Ireland CBD Extract oil

Cbdswords distributes this well reviewed local cbd oil and stands behind the testing and results cbd nutrition Ireland has had in recent years with their organic cbd oils.

This whole plant, hemp derived CBD oil is different. It works in conjunction with the trace amounts of CBN, CBC, THC and other cannabinoids in hemp. This has a dramatically more powerful effect than an isolated, synthetic form of CBD.

According to seemingly competent sources, the serving size of isolated CBD far exceeds what’s needed from a whole plant CBD extract, the latter of which we carry.

Also worth mentioning is that the weight of the person may play a role in how the CBD effects the body. A 40 pound child most likely won’t need the same amount as a 250 pound man to gain a similar result, this is why they have released a relatively low CBD concentration, this product contains 750mg of CBD and is a great starting point for many people looking to explore how CBD can affect them before moving to higher concentrations.

This CBD is C02 extracted and is 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan, Gluten free, raw and has NO additives. Produced from EU Hemp Cannabis Sativa. Full spectrum plant extract. HPLC Lab tested by Eirlab

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